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Problem Solving Courts

Over the past decade, a new trend has emerged as a mechanism to deliver justice and forge new responses to chronic social, human, and legal problems – including addictions, recidivism (re-incarceration), mental illness, and poor connectedness to social services – issues that have proven resistant to conventional solutions. These concerns, exacerbated by state-level concerns such as prison population overcrowding, has caused courts to react and establish new court systems specifically designed to enhance the court’s ability to oversee outcomes beyond adjudication, and ultimately reduce the risk of re-incarceration.

Allen Superior Reentry Court

On August 29, 2009, the Allen Superior Reentry Court received official certification from the Indiana Judicial Center as a certified Reentry Court to provide Reentry Court services for three (3) years. The Honorable John F. Surbeck serves as the supervising judge of the Reentry Court.  A re-certification was granted to the Allen Superior Reentry Court on August 20, 2012 for an additional three (3) years.  Reentry Court offers an early release of inmates sentenced to a minimum of 2 year prison sentence and committed to the Indiana Department of Correction.  The early release can be between 60-180 days.  Allen Superior Reentry Court is a one year program with the successful completion of the program resulting in the reduction or waiver of any probation or parole supervision.

Allen Circuit Restoration Court

The Allen Circuit Restoration Court is a certified Problem-Solving Court, certified initially on January 27, 2012 by the Indiana Judicial Center (re-certified July 10, 2015). The Restoration Court initially began operations in 2004 under the Forensic Diversion statute that targeted mentally ill offenders repeatedly arrested and incarcerated for drug or alcohol related offenses. The Restoration Court expanded the eligibility criteria to all offenders who are assessed with a co-occurring mental illness and addiction diagnosis. The Honorable Thomas J. Felts serves as Supervising Judge and Magistrate John D. Kitch serves as the Restoration Court Judge - responsible for operations. Allen County Community Corrections is responsible for the daily supervision of offenders serving the electronic monitoring portion of the program.

Allen Circuit Veterans Court

The Allen Circuit Veterans Court is a certified Problem-Solving Court, certified on March 20, 2015 by the Indiana Judicial Center. The Honorable Thomas J. Felts serves as the Supervising Judge of the Veterans Court. The Allen County Circuit Veterans Court is a judicially-supervised court docket that reduces correctional costs, protects community safety, and improves public welfare. Veterans Treatment Courts combine rigorous treatment and accountability for veterans facing incarceration due to charges stemming from substance abuse and/or mental health issues. The program expedites access to veteran-specific resources, including benefits and treatments earned through military service, by involving the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs health care networks, the Veterans Benefits Administration, State Departments of Veterans Affairs, volunteer veteran mentors and veterans and veterans family support organizations.

Program Impact Evaluation (2011-2013)

ACCC has retained the services of a team of program evaluators in March 2014 for the completion of its most recent program impact evaluation series. Joseph E. Hansel, Ph.D., Jacqueline R. Wall, Ph.D., and Aaron Kivisto, Ph.D. completed the evaluation in August 2014 reporting on data spanning 2011-2013. Results are viewable through the links below.

Reentry Court Program Impact Evaluation   Restoration Court Program Impact Evaluation

Court Sessions / Times

Reentry Court Sessions are held each Monday at 1:00p.m. in Allen Superior Court room 2. Restoration Court Sessions are held twice monthly in the Allen County Circuit Court room on Fridays at 9:00 a.m. Veterans Court is held on the first Monday each month at 3:00p.m. in the Allen County Circuit Court Room.


Allen Circuit Restoration Court

The Allen Circuit Restoration Court began operations in 2004 as the Allen Circuit Forensic Diversion Court, but expanded participation eligibility as a matter of ethical concern to provide services for offenders with mental illness and co-ocurring addictions that were previously ineligible under the Forensic Diversion statute.

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